Not as brave as all that

I don’t think I’m interested in writing erotica or taking explicit pictures of myself (getting drafted to hold a camera by Quinn Rhodes is another matter), but I wonder if I’d at least update more if I didn’t live in a city where there have been several outings on the fetish scene in the few […]

Please stand by

Having gone through the writings on my Fetlife profile, I’ve managed to remind myself that I used to actually enjoy writing, and that I never used to let having to write on my phone stop me. I’d have gone through my Livejournals if I hadn’t been recommended several blogs to read from the start. If […]

In my defence, he bruised easily

Although thinking about this Kink of the Week for more than 30 seconds, I realised that I’ve said this about almost everyone I’ve been with, and came to the realisation (again), that I have a definite type. Also that I might owe several of them apologies. I like biting almost as much as I like […]