Get the girl, kill the baddies

“Gonna get the girl, Gonna kill the baddies, And save the entire planet!” Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies!, Pop Will Eat Itself. Lyrics I like so much that I got them printed in glitter onto a quick-dry sports top to be worn at clubs and the gym. In ascending order, for the Wicked Wednesday […]

Poor impulse control

It’s hot, it’s sticky, and last weekend I finally decided I had the disposable income for an ice vibrator. I spent a stroppy, sweaty Saturday night at Mr Sparrow’s and decided spending £13 on this from Ebay was a great idea. I’ve basically paid for the mould and the grip, since the bullet vibrator that […]

Please stand by

Having gone through the writings on my Fetlife profile, I’ve managed to remind myself that I used to actually enjoy writing, and that I never used to let having to write on my phone stop me. I’d have gone through my Livejournals if I hadn’t been recommended several blogs to read from the start. If […]

Stale buns, staler news

I’m still planning to write up the sexual health research meeting I went to and the history of pubic hair and other things event at the Edinburgh science festival, with links and comments (that hopefully aren’t heart emojis and “oh my god, this is SO COOL!”, but don’t hold your breath), but trying to write […]

In my defence, he bruised easily

Although thinking about this Kink of the Week for more than 30 seconds, I realised that I’ve said this about almost everyone I’ve been with, and came to the realisation (again), that I have a definite type. Also that I might owe several of them apologies. I like biting almost as much as I like […]

10 things related to Eroticon

1. Muji saved me from a bag emergency on the Friday, and I wouldn’t have guessed a bag with an expandable bottom would come in so useful. There was a lot of free stuff, and I have now had the pleasure of seeing my partner drink from a mug saying “Another day, another dildo”. 2. […]